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Marianne is Founder & Director of Shift Resolutions.

She is an accredited workplace mediator and an accredited civil & commercial mediator, focused on 100% confidentially and empathically supporting her clients to achieve mutually satisfactory needs-based resolutions, as swiftly and affordably for her clients as reasonably possible.

Marianne is also an Executive Coach dedicated to supporting transcendence of conflict, and more fulfilling and productive working relationships and organisations.

In addition, Marianne is an inclusion & diversity and supply chain/procurement expert, and has extensive experience serving in leadership roles in large multinational organisations, non-profits and small & medium businesses.




Alexandra is an accredited workplace and employment dispute mediator. She also has wider dispute resolution expertise. Her background is as a trade union 

member and officer for over 20 years. Alex has mediated in a variety of situations with people in diverse workforces and with a variety of personalities and skills. Alex has also served as a judge and an assessor of mediation students, and was a trustee for a London charity.

    Mediation & Executive Coaching

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