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Testimonial Examples


'Marianne, it was lovely to meet you on Friday and thank you for your support. I have received feedback from both parties, both of whom found the day to be extremely successful.'

                                                                    Senior Executive, large public sector organisation

'Thank-you for everything. I am so glad we took the mediation route. I feel so much lighter!'

                                                                    Senior Manager, mediation participant, large organisation 

'Well done - this has been such a valuable process. We really need mediation to become standard practice right across this organisation.'

                                                                     Union Representative - present in mediation


'Today has really helped – we now have the right basis to move forward. Thank-you so much!'


                                          Senior Manager & Field Manager, mediation participants, small organisation

'I have never before seen anyone apply coaching techniques to help people's resourcefulness in mediation in the powerful way you have, Marianne. Well done. I'm learning so much from you.'

                                                                                              Distinguished author and co-mediator. 

'I have co mediated with Marianne in a complex workplace mediation in the NHS. I would like to recommend her coaching skills and dedication. I will definitely work with Marianne in the future.'

                                                     Alexandra McAdam Clark MPhil (LSE), Mediator, McAdam Mediation

McAdam Mediation.PNG

'Through her extensive supply chain expertise and emotional intelligence, Marianne brings people together to achieve significant impact and outcomes - as exemplified by her success in driving forward Trade+Impact's initiatives to help social enterprises access finance more easily and strengthen value chains. 


Also, Marianne's way of observing, strengthening and leveraging models of transformation are inspirational and of great value to myself and Trade+Impact.

Marianne inspires trust, asks well-targeted questions that move stakeholders ahead, and is strongly collaborative and focused on a more sustainable and inclusive world.'   

Kathleen Holland

Executive Director 
Trade + Impact Association

'I have known Marianne in a number of roles:  through WEConnect, as she represented Accenture's global relationship with WEConnect International  in her role as Global (Non-US) Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Lead at Accenture; through the development of the first ever UK Economic Blueprint, where we both participate in several work streams including Access to Markets - where she has taken the lead to drive the capability statements for women business owners as a project - and now leading her new venture Blueintogreen. 


Marianne continues to be an inspiring force in driving inclusion and diversity on our agendas, and she has guided our many meetings and discussions with insights and sensitivity.  She is a true champion of supplier inclusion and never fails to inspire through her work, enthusiasm and dedication.


I truly value Marianne’s contribution to all of the projects we are both involved in. Through Blueintogreen, she is now tackling issues which are vital for growth, including sustainable and ethical sourcing and business processes, collaboration and constructive work relationships.'


Noreen Cesareo M.A.; B.A.

Principal, Market Accents

Trustee, Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF)

Director, Malta Business Network

Ambassador, Pink Shoe/Team EB: UK Economic Blueprint

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